Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Preschool Graduation Day!

Pre-School Graduation Day!  (Pictures Coming)

This morning students decorated their own graduation caps!  Then they drew a picture of themselves at the end of the year (to go in the back of their books as a contrast to the picture they drew of themselves at the Preschool Openhouse at the beginning of the year. 

I loved Ethan's drawing (but didn't get a picture of it) because he drew his Kindergarten school, a tree, and his name!  Can you tell who is excited to be entering Kindergarten!?

Eleanor came in with a great drawing of an ant, alligator, and apple, M's , Ws, and wiggly worms.  She worked hard on her name in rainbow letters--again, I was sad to have not gotten a picture.

After these art activities, some children played Linkin Blocks, some watched an ABC  clip, and some worked with Miss Emily or myself in finishing the Z page (gluing it to a colored paper and practicing the sound).

We practiced singing most of our songs for our program: I Can Sing a Rainbow, Popcorn Popping, and ABC Sounds (Waterford Inst.).

We had a quick pretzel sticks snack and a fun recess break (while Emily and Julie set up chairs and refreshments).

Memories, Memories!
*Chester Raccoon and the Kissing Hand
*Wheels on the Bus
*Zero My Hero and Letter A
*Applesauce and Johnny Appleseed
*Colos, Cookies, and Cycle of a Butterfly
*Dancing Dinos and the Dinosaur Museum
*Floating Pumpkins and Pumpkin Cookies
*Fall and Feathery Bird Friends
*Halloween Haunts and Boo Bubbles!
*Giggles with Mother Goose
*Horses and Farm Animals
*Insects and Spiders
*Shapes and Blessing Turkeys
*Jamming with Sea Creatures
*Our Bodies
*Naughty Newts (Manners and Nail Polish Painting)
*Pajama "P" Party
*Mooses Muffins and Healthy Munchies
*Opera Singing Ostriches and Talents (Corn syrup Painting)
*Martin Luther King and Modern Day Heroes
*Groundhog Day and Shadow Tag
*Chinese New Year Celebration
*U.S. Presidents
*Race Cars, Trains, and Painting
*Tooth Aches and Dental Hygiene
*Recycled Robots
* Family, Stories, Traditions, and "U" Puppets
*Valentines Exchanges
*Green Eggs and Ham and Dr. Seuss Day
(Read Across America Weekend)
*Spying Leprachauns
*Seasons and Spring
*Marking "X"s and Easter Bunny Baskets,
*Weather Games and Wiggly Worms (Chocolate Pudding Painting)
* Tying Shoes,
*X-Rays, Doctor's Office Field Trip,
*Five Senses Fun
* Zebra's and Zoo Stories
*Mother's and Father's Appreciation and 
Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Hooray!

 A Preschool Good-Bye

Sticky Fingers, freckled noses
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes-es.
Shapes and colors, ABCs,
Taking turns and 123.

Toothless smiles, hugs and giggles,
Circle Time and lots of wiggles.
Wooden blocks and dress-up clothes,
Learning how a flower grows.

Milk and cookies, first-time friend,
thinking days like these won't end.
Preschool done before you know it,
No one sooner than this poet.

Like a butterfly, time has flown,
you have learned and you have grown.
Tiny chairs give way to desks,
book reports and spelling tests.

So take off now, spread your wings,
soar to new heaughts, learn new things.
Just remember, as you do,
someone's very proud of you.

Students had fun trying to keep their Graduation caps on! Our program was very sweet as the children sang to their parents: I Can Sing a Rainbow, Popcorn Popping (first with actions and second with our "poppers"), ABC Sounds (Waterford Inst.), Mother Dear (could use When I Grow Up), and My Dad.

I spoke about some of our class memories from this past year and then it was time to receive our diplomas, ABC books, and Summer gift bags (see poem below: Bags, Writing Booklets, Shapes, Numbers Train, eraser, pencil, fruit roll-up, Smarties, bubbles,...)

It was fun to get a high-five, hand shake, and a few hugs from students.

I loved smelling Seth's home baked bread and Dade's Chocolate Jar gifts. (Thanks Karen and Maren.)

We enjoyed the Circus Animal Cookies, Sugar and Chocolate Chip Cookies, Clementines, Smarties, and lemon water. Something sweet to linger after all the sweet voices and giggles have gone.

Recess time with friends.
Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss

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